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Tinie Tempah @ Selfridges & Snoop Dogg Pass Out remix

June 21, 2010

A couple of weeks ago we were invited down to Selfridges, Oxford Street, for an exclusive NIKE sponsored event hosted by Tinie Tempah. It was a viewing of the Argentina v Nigeria game (which Nigeria unfortunately lost) but we had the pleasure of hearing the man of the year Tinie Tempah perform his new track ‘Frisky’. The track entered the charts at No.2 and still sits in the UK top ten so a big shout out to TT and the team at Parlophone:

As an aside we’ve seen a few remixes of the hit tune Pass Out but when working with Tinie Tempah at the London Week of Peace concert last September, not even we at Cellar Door envisaged that within 9 months one of the original hip hop maestro’s Snoop Dogg would want a piece of the action! Who’s next to team up with TT – Noemie Lenoir lol?? Check out this remix. Tinie Tempah and Snoop Dogg in the famous words of Trevor Nelson: ‘We salute you’ 😉

Written by: ‘The Thinker’

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