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New Music From Ayso

November 20, 2020

Check out up and coming artist, Ayso’s new track ‘Bang’. And trust me, it bangs😉. Mixing UK Hip Hop, RnB and Afrobeats to deliver this fire ‘Afroswing’ tune.

Artist: Ayso

Song: Bang

Producer: @dsmadeit

Check Ayso on his socials @aysoofficial

#NewMusic #Afroswing

Music Picks For Black History Month 2020

October 31, 2020

As Black History Month draws to a close, we decided to curate a micro playlist of contemporary U.K. artists to celebrate #bhm2020.

We wanted to highlight some of the U.K’s black musicians who have openly touched upon topics relating to the black experience in the UK via their music. The urban music scene is having a fantastic run, there has never been a time where urban music has dominated the UK music chart. And we want to say to all the musicians who have the scene popping right now, We see you, and we salute you. Stand up UK!!

In no order of preference we have chosen:

1. Dave – Black

Dave – Black

This is a powerful song. Which is probably why Dave chose to perform this song at the 2019 Brit awards Opening the track with the lines “Look, black is beautiful, black is excellent / Black is pain, black is joy, black is evident.” lightly describing the intricacies of the black experience. Dave, describing his ‘black experience’, which a lot of black people from an inner-city can relate to, has created a brilliant piece of work that has so many layered compartments.

2. Kojey Radical ft. Mahalia – Water (If Only They Knew)

Kojey Radical

This video version of the song ‘Water’ opens with verse 2 from his song ‘Superhuman’ (performed by Michaela Coel), which points out a system that isn’t built to accommodate Black people, while black people become victims of cultural appropriation and exploitation. Being the artistic visionary that he is, Kojey Radical has created a piece of art that expressed the excellence, strength and love of black people, all the while projecting the struggles faced as part of the black experience.

3. Stormzy – Superheroes

Stomzy – Superheroes

Stormzy’s Superheroes is such an uplifting, positive breath of fresh air, a celebration of blackness. Superheroes is a track that every black kid should hear. Giving hope and inspiration to the youth who grow up in the inner city. The visuals 🤗 created this whole world for the song. It is not often you see a Black cartoon with a superhero. In true Stormzy fashion, he’s is unapologetically black speaking on subjects that affect the black community.

Ghetts ft. Skepta – IC3

Ghetts ft. Skepta

Ghetts and Skepta team up on this absolute smasher IC3. Reclaiming the Police code for Black people, go back to back with some hard-hitting lyrics on the track “Don’t tell me go back where I came from / When the Queen sits there in stolen jewels / Cool. I go back with a chain on / I light up the place like Akon”.  Highlighting the hypocrisy in British society. The track is a bit of a rags to riches story, celebrating being successful and black, but not forgetting where they have come from. “Who would’ve thought back then / we’d be some powerful black men? / Back when we was in estates I was trapped in, trappin’ / You don’t know how it’s impacted us / Can’t block a nigga when flats with us / Abandoned flats where the mandem trap”.

Ghetts ft. Kojey Radical – Blackrose

Ghetts Black Rose

This is such a beautiful track. A perfect depiction of the realities of colourism, fatherhood and diaspora blues. This was a much-needed reassurance towards black women from black men.  “Daddy, how come there’s no dolls that look like me in the shop?” is the opening question from his daughter, which is a question that many black girls asked when they become cognisant that they are different, which is just one of the many things that chip away at the self-worth of a black girl as she grows into society. Ghetts contributes to the conversation of colourism that is an ever-present reality within the black community, in conjunction with all the other issues that black people face on a daily.

Kano – Teardrops

Teardorps taken from Kano’s 2019 summer hit album ‘Hoodies All Summer’. The premise of the video (GRM Rated Awards performance) itself is the police brutality and deaths at the hands of the police (which actualy does exist in the UK but to the extent as it is in America). This is a dedication to those who have lost their lives to police brutality in the UK. A statistic towards the end of the video reveals that more than 100 Black people have died during or following police contact in the UK since 1990.

Bashy – Black Boy

Bashy – Black Boys

This is a classic tune. Filled with inspiration for young black men. I think this song will always be a reminder for young black boys to remember that they are great and could be anything that they want to be despite the challenges that they may face in society because of the colour of their skin. Having role models to look up to is of such importance for the development of young boys. And thats what make this song so powerful.

Black history month is not just for black people. It is for all people to educate themselves on the contributions that black men and women have made to society. And the many untold stories, institutionalised racism that occurs on a day-to-day basis, and the barriers to progress, that black people face year in year out.


October 26, 2020

Multi-genre DJ and Producer MAK 10 has linked up with London’s Congolese led MC Group Bala Bala Boyz to make the hit single ‘Mad In The Fete’ which, as the name suggests, is set to go crazy at any party or function.

MAK 10 is no stranger when it comes to the UK music scene with his career beginning with the infamous grime group, Nasty Crew, working alongside legendary artists such as Dizzee Rascal, Ghetts, Kano, D Double E, Footsie, etc. Making him one of the pioneers of the London genre Grime, Throughout the years DJ MAK 10 has been able to master his craft as a DJ and producer while evolving with the changes that come over time and being able to adapt to the shifts in music is not done overnight. From Grime to House to UK Funky, MAK 10 has shown his expertise in all areas of dance music and this latest single displays this.

From the sharp hitting snares and the 4 to the floor kick drum, ‘Mad In The Fete’ instantly grabs attention and is a bold introduction to the rest of the track. Followed by cutting synth leads and deep bass melodies, the track will get listeners bopping their heads in enthusiasm from the steady drumbeat and with a screwface on from the dark and exciting sounds. The 131BPM, which is typically used in UK Funky, sets a perfect pace for the MC group, Bala Bala Boyz, to bring their unique and distinctive rap style and flow to. 

Bala Bala Boyz are a London’s MC group of Congolese descent consisting of members – Chef Kalinga 9, King Bala 5, Orz Trinity 7 and Moj Zyo 1. Each member residing in a different corner of the city but all sharing the same Congolese background which sets the foundation of the collective. B.B.B are known for their use of fusing Lingala, a Bantu language used in Congo and parts of Angola, with London slang and sounds of the U.K. underground. In January 2020, DJ mag described the Bala Bala Boyz as “trailblazers for authenticity, melding genuine elements of traditional, Congolese-led flows with the new, and deriving their own dialect in the process: Linglish.”

‘Mad In The Fete’ is set to make a mark by fusing genres and styles to evaluate dance music and bring it to new areas. Also, the track is released on one of London’s biggest and well-established radio station/record label – Rinse FM. This being the home to most of the popular UK dance music and artists such as Katy B, Geeneus, P Money, Novelist, Roska, etc, making Rinse FM a perfect match for the single. With support from BBC Radio 6 Music DJ, Mary Anne Hobbs, DJ MAK 10 and Bala Bala Boyz have hit the floor running and continue to reach the right audience.


Make sure to follow DJ MAK 10 and Bala Bala Boyz on the socials to stay up to date with upcoming releases and updates. 



DJ/Producer Duo 633 Drop New Single Take Control

October 20, 2020


Soul-stirring and culturally immersed, East London’s hottest DJ and production duo 633 return with their release of single ‘Take Control’ featuring Nizzy, Drowze, Kidalpha and OB Flamez.

Making a strong entry to 2020 by working with artists including KSI, AJ Tracey and JME, 633 also dropped their debut single ‘Run Around’, which received strong support across Kiss Fresh, BBC Radio 1Xtra, theresnosignal and over 120,000 streams via Spotify. In addition to their production and artist elevation, long-term friends Jevanni Letford (“Royal Wedding DJ” / KSI’s Official DJ / Reprezent Radio) and Eugene Diabour (D Double E), haven’t stopped to take the foot off the gas, with the year seeing them perform at the worlds biggest radio rave ‘Kiss Fest’ alongside names including Calvin Harris, Joel Corry, Gorgon City and Rachel Anson. The final piece of the 2020 puzzle comes as their sophomore release, ‘Take Control’ touches down and they tip it to be the “biggest close to the year.” 

Representing the most exciting components of UK Afro-Caribbean culture and drawing upon Afrobeats, R&B and dancehall influences, 633 have found their power in creating unique, melodic and memorable records. “We drafted in Nizzy, Drowze, OB Flames and Kid Alpha to give it an authentic UK Afro sound”, say Jevanni and Eugene who are self-releasing the track. The instrumentation includes ambient swaying chords floating around the foundation of the song and the simple fall to the floor drum beat and afrocentric percussion adds movement. Each individual talent and element come together to display the musical skill and chemistry they have to offer.

Mapping out their own exceptional solo careers respectively, Jevanni has built a strong name as a DJ seeing him support and work with the likes of Skepta, Nile Rogers, Tinie Tempah, Talib Kweli and Kanye West as well as appearing on BBC Sports Relief and making a cameo in the 2018 Snickers TV ad as DJ in Sir Elton John’s hip hop house party. Eugene has gained credits and worked with Cheryl, Kele le Roc, UK hip hop Legend Sway as well as D Double E, Fallacy and many others, so the combination of talents to form the duo, aided by their lengthy friendship, is proving to be a magnificent one.

Stay up to date with 633 by following their socials for news about upcoming releases & more.


Ransom FA Drops Table Visuals

October 8, 2020


When regarding the Scottish Rap scene, Ransom FA is currently the biggest name coming out of the north of the British Isles and has subsequently grown to be one of the most stand out rappers in the current sound sphere

Having shared the stage with many of the biggest UK Rappers, such as Skepta, Mist and M Huncho,, he is also titled as the first Scottish rapper to ever grace an Eskimo Dance line up, has amassed hundreds of thousands of streams across key platforms such as Risky Roadz, 1Xtra and GRM Daily, plus he also featured as one of the stars on the first BBC Three and BBC 1, multi-award nominated series ‘The Rap Game’, hosted by DJ Target, Krept and Konan. Thrusting the Scottish Rap scene into the limelight, Ransom involuntarily, but proudly, made the music industry to take Scottish Rap seriously and in his new track, the Aberdeen representative lays down his cards on the ‘Table’ to detail his tumultuous journey.

‘Table’ is a story about reflection and relief, perfectly retold with genuine heartfelt lyricism and Ransom’s Scottish accent grabbing on to the bars to pour further resonance into the soul of the record. Lyrically retracing troubled times from his past, challenges he faced and overcame, plus the questioning over loyalties of those within his circle, the emotive instrumental, produced by Lord Akira, is a perfect convoy for the message of this track. As said by Ransom FA himself: “Since linking up with Lord Akira, I was finally able to make the music that energizes my imagination. Were on the rise so felt only right to create an anthem to suit the occasion”

 The mellow piano chords and vintage vocal-sample chops set a solid foundation, whilst the faint synth hum adds a subtle brightness to the beat. The drum pattern is kept simple with minimal flares of percussion, including high hat variations and clap rolls, allowing Ransom’s unique and defining voice to be highlighted and the lyrics to create the main rhythm of the record. From the catchy chorus to the canny verses, the whole track comes together to provide a constant flow and upbeat directive.

Whilst Ransom FA has been instrumental in making the Scottish Rap scene flourish, he continues to claim achievements throughout his career in numerous directions. Alongside being a talented music artist, Ransom is also becoming well-versed in TV and philanthropy. He recently presented a documentary on Goal FM, known as the ‘Vice of Football’, and is set to be returning to tv screens to host his very own show alongside Scunthorpe based rapper F.O.S. on BBC 3 – ‘The Rap Trip’ where the duo will be travelling the UK to discover and explore the burgeoning Rap communities emerging across Great Britain. Closer to home Ransom has also ensured his local community  don’t face the restrictions that a lack of musical infrastructure gave him and he has opened ‘Ransom HQ’ in his hometown – a studio space that offers affordable services as well as a variety of workshops for the next generation of artists.

Becoming a regular at taking the screens and speakers by storm, there’ll be no hiding from Ransom FA as he steps up to the ‘Table’.

Stay up to date with RANSOM FA by following his socials for news about upcoming releases & more.


PR: | @TenLetterPR // RADIO: | @TenLetterRADIO

Dub of London: Baseline of a City

September 29, 2020

A new exhibition celebrating dub reggae and it’s influence in London. This is a free exhibition (w/ general admission ticket) running from the 2nd October 2020 – 31 January 2021 at the Museum Of London.

Exploring the musical influence of Dub, alongside community, fashion and spirituality, Dub London examines how dub is a varied vein that runs through an entire community.

Some of the hardware used by Channel One sound system at Notting Hill carnival, 2019.
Photograph: © Eddie Otchere /Museum of London
Notting Hill carnival sound system, 1989. Photograph ©Adrian Boot/Urbanimage
Setting up Channel One sound system at Notting Hill carnival, 2019.
Photograph: © Eddie Otchere/Museum of London
A bank of speakers in All Saints Road, Notting Hill, during the carnival, August 1994.
Photograph: © Peter Marshall/Museum of London
Coxsone International sound system, early 1980s. © Jean Bernard Sohiez/Urbanimage

“The story of Dub culture in London is a fascinating one and one that hasn’t been told this widely in a museum setting before. Through getting out into the places and speaking to the people who have been instrumental in the Dub scene, we’ve been able to hear stories of how London was central for the emergence of Dub in the UK. ”

Cedar Lewisohn, Curator

#DubMusic #SoundSystemCulture #LondonSoundSysytems #DubReggae

Channel U Returns To TV In November

September 29, 2020

The iconic Channel U returns to TV screens this November. The music channel started broadcasting back in 2003, and quickly became the home of Grime for a generation. Providing the visuals for some of the most formative tracks that have defined the Grime scene.

Channel U’s return launch will premiere ‘Against All Odds’ – A film documenting the rise of Grime in the UK. The flick, which is directed and produced by Nicky ‘Slimting’ Walker @NickySlimting and Femi Oyeniran @femioyeniran—will feature several of the genre’s pioneers, such as D Double E, Ghetts, Jammer and more. The soundtrack, in conjunction with Motown Records UK, will feature the aforementioned MCs, plus Novelist, Capo Lee, Bruza, Tempz and more.

Against All Odds Film Trailer

For us as kids, Channel U was the greatest TV channel on Earth, so for us to be able to bring it back is important. It was the first broadcast platform for every MC, and for us as kids, it was the first time we saw these stars on screen.

 Femi Oyeniran told BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat.

Channel U will return to it’s home channel 385 on the 13th November 2020. We are looking forward to it’s return, this could not be a more perfect time with UK urban music going from strength to strength at the moment.

#ChannelU #GrimeTV #GrimePioneer #UKMusicscenen #UKMusic

Omar Mansoor LFW Spring/Summer ’21 “Kintsugi”

September 25, 2020

Omar Mansoor inaugurated his 16th presence in the London Fashion week with his collection, ‘Kintsugi.’ Kintsugi is the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold. The overarching meaning of this age-old practise is similar to the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, which can be defined as accepting and rejoicing in one’s supposed ‘flaws’ and ‘imperfections.’

Designer: Omar Mansoor. Picture by Colin Chau/Fashion London

This collection revolves around sophisticated shades of ivory and white, which represent a spiritual coming into one’s own through self-acceptance and self-awareness, which in turn speaks of the onset of new chapters in one’s life. 

A firm believer of sustainability in fashion, Mansoor has used ‘deadstock fabrics’ (discarded fabrics which usually end up as landfill, hence polluting the planet), including recycled fibres for his Kintsugi collection. For the designer, fashion can be fun, glamorous and eco-friendly at the same time. Mansoor hopes that through his work, he is able to play his part in spreading awareness about the environment, and at the same time, encouraging the fashion world to adopt a circular model rather than a linear one. 

This gorgeous capsule collection primarily consists of two-piece looks which highlight multi-functionality. Tailored trousers to puffed sleeves tops that can be mixed and matched to create a certain outfit from day to evening wear.

This year, Mansoor’s collection was presented physically and digitally at Hard Rock Hotel London and online.

Foot wear by: Lucy Choi London | @lucychoilondon

Photos: Colin Chau | @colinchau

For further press queries, please email:

Instagram: @omar.mansoor

Kay Young Just Giving Thanks

September 23, 2020

British artist Kay Young delivers a song that we can all relate to. Despite everything that goes on in the journey of life, Kay still gives thanks. Telling her story in her poetic ‘Floetry’ style rap, over this soulful track. Another great one to add to the playlist.

Check out Kay Young on Instagram @kayyoungmusic

Agudo Dance Company Are Back!

September 18, 2020

We are back in action! 

After an inspiring and intensive creative residency at the iconic Fairfield Halls Croydon, we are proud to share the production trailer for Carmen. A huge thank you to our 8 incredible dancers, the creative team, partners, and Croydon Council who enabled this residency to take place safely.

Tour booking is now open for August-November 2021.

For UK tour booking enquiries contact:
Sarah Trist Dance Management Agency

For international tour booking, general enquiries, and workshops please contact:
Claire Cunningham, Executive Producer, Agudo Dance Company

Warm wishes from
Jose & Claire

Carmen is co-commissioned by 
Fairfield Halls, Croydon CEZ, Croydon Council, Lakeside Arts, DanceEast
Supported by 
Arts Council England, University of East London, The Place, The Yoga Edge
Originally commissioned by ŻfinMalta National Dance Company
Filming and editing
Nick Atkins

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