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South East Salon 06 – The Future of Fine Art in a Post Pandemic World

May 19, 2020

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At NEXUS Creative HQ, we are delighted to be hosting the next South East Salon, the brainchild of the super cool Jason Page – serial connector of people. Join us on our NEXUS Facebook page for a live session on Monday 25th May at 7pm, for ‘South East Salon 06 – The Future of Fine Art in a Post Pandemic World’. The event will be live-streamed and will explore how artists are creating, exhibiting and selling their work as we all navigate and engage #art and one another in response to #socialdistancing and #self-isolation.

The guest roll of honour includes Ainsley Burrows, Kimberly Knox, Roxanne Williams, Rossella Black and Croydon’s very own Swakara Atwell-Bennett and Natasha Caruana

TIME: 7pm

WHEN: Monday 25th May

WHERE: NEXUS Facebook Live



SALON 06 Guest Bios


Ainsley Burrows – ( Ainsley is a Brooklyn-based painter, events producer and spoken word artist with decades on all three disciplines. He and his partner Laurielle produce The Sweet Spot, a Black erotica event that has travelled the world and currently takes place online on Thursday evenings. He also starred in an advert for Guinness featuring his spoken word work. Ubiquita Worldwide is producing an exhibit of Maroons Rebellion, one of Ainsley’s most recent collections, in South East London in October for Black History Month. He is a multi-disciplenary artist who is coming soon to galleries near us all in South East London.

Ainsley Burrows was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, migrating to the U.S. in 1990 at the tender age of 15. Today, Ainsley is an Internationally acclaimed poet and author who has performed at festivals, venues and institutions across Europe, America, Canada and the Caribbean, receiving numerous awards.

Ainsley is a self-taught painter. He started painting as a child but abandoned the craft for a more public pursuit, performance poetry. But he had not shaken the bug completely; and 12 years ago he started painting again. Since then he has created several series of paintings, but none as ambitious as The Maroons series of 125 paintings.

Website –

Instagram –

Guinness advert  –

The Sweet Spot –



Kimberly Knox – President and CEO of Ubiquita Worldwide, Kim is a multi-disciplinary producer and creator with over 20 years experience in entertainment, media and marketing. Having produced experiences and campaigns for dozens of brands and companies including Brooklyn Academy of Music, GEN ART, Keep A Child Alive, Red Bull and many others, Ubiquita Worldwide is currently producing Ainsley’s Maroons Rebellion exhibition in South East London, as well as other locations globally.

Linked In –

Ubiquita Worldwide –

The short film that Kim has produced about The Sweet Spot –

Instagram –



Natasha Caruana – Natasha is a London-based artist working across photography, moving image and installation. work explores narratives of love, betrayal and fantasy, underpinned by a performative and playful approach. She is based in South East London. Natasha is a lecturer at University of Arts London, as well as the creator of Work Show, grow a platform that supports emerging artists with workshops and opportunities for collaboration.

Website –

Work Show Grow –

Instagram –



Swakara Atwell-Bennett  – Swakara is founder and curator of Better Shared, a platform to discover contemporary art by some of today’s most exciting emerging artists from Africa and the diaspora. She is a member of Nexus members club.

Better Shared –

Instagram –



Roxanne Williams – Born in South East London, Roxanne is an interdisciplinary visual artist and designer who explores identity and celebrates self-worth. Her vibrant paintings showcase predominantly women with black features, mirroring her Jamaican heritage and the beauty in being ‘other’. Her works entice you to spend time and reflect on their familiarity whether on canvas, wood or clothing. She founded Crazivity, a platform to focus on the collaborative aspects of her practice including curating group shows, cultural pop ups and live art events such as ‘Merging Inks’. She has worked with venues such as Richmix, Westminster Reference Library, The Vaults in London and internationally. In March 2019 she completed an art residency and exhibition titled Selfie Love in Penang, Malaysia. Most recently, prior to lock down she was an Artist in Residence in East London’s Toynbee hall.

Websites –

Instagram –


Rossella Black.  Rossella worked for 20 years in the commercial departments of The Economist Newspaper in Paris and London.  Reinventing herself in 2007, I she became Arts Librarian at Westminster Reference Library, coordinating a dedicated arts space, raising the profile of the Art & Performing Arts collection.

Moving to Lambeth Libraries in 2017 Rossella engaged colleagues, partners and stakeholders with her vision of Libraries as innovative and inspiring platforms for a range of art shows that attract a wide and varied audience.




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