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February 7, 2020

London Fashion Week is fast approaching. We think we would continue featuring new emerging designer that we admire their creative designs and hard work. At the beginning of this month, the designer brand we would like to introduce is Tobams Colors–a women’s ready-to-wear brand that blends the traditional African culture with western style.

Tobams Colors creates a cross-cultural dialogue through fashion by reinterpreting African traditions with contemporary signature designs and cuts. Based in the UK, designer Jite Newton combines her European/Nigerian roots into her high-end clothing for women and men. Precise cuts, flashy colors and an androgynous touch make our collections outstanding.



Interview with the designer of Tobams Colors–Jite Newton:

1. When did you start your fashion label? Where is it based? Where are your products manufactured?

The brans was created and launched in 2017. We are based in London, UK. Some of Tobams Colors collection are locally handmade in small atelier in Ghana, Nigeria, Philippines, India, South Africa and Zimbabwe using eco-materials such as certified cotton and African wax print. Operates as a social enterprise that provides education and training within the local communities in Africa. Some are made in China. 

2. Where do you get the inspirations from for your designs?

African Wax Print and African culture.While originally Africa Wax Print originated from a combination of Javanese, Indian, Chinese, Arab and European artistic traditions, they speak to people in the language of colors. Breathing life into textiles and connecting them to hopes, dreams, politics and everyday life is what gives them context and makes them stand out. Intentionally creating signature prints that are reflective of everyday topics and allowing our fabrics to authentically reflect different cultures instead of cultures creating tales of how they are reflected in them.

Combining rich, beautiful and vibrant colors of Africa and Western Cultures, our main aim is to blend into all cultures using the representation of colors in our signature wax print. We wanted to bring in a mix of Western clothing with African Wax Print therefore creating quality clothing to embrace the beauty of both cultures. We believe Colors is something that binds us together around the world, we carefully select colors that are also represented in each continents.


3. How do you find your designer/entrepreneur life in the fashion industry?

My entrepreneur life has bitter and sweet days. But in all I thank God who has brought me this far. I don’t know if I could have done it without Him. Faith has been a big part in my entrepreneurial journey as a fashion designer and business owner. 

4. Any advice you would like to give to prospective designers who want to start their own business?

My advice to young designers is, do your research properly to identify trends, needs and what makes you different. Identify best channel of sales. Scale small to test the markets. Be consistent and ensure quality is key. 

5. What kind of impact you would like this brand to bring to people around you, and the society?

Tobams Colors was founded to create a unique identity in Traditional Africa Wax (Ankara) print clothing. We wanted to fill a gap whereby there is no clear identity prints representing Africa and Premium leader in the production of a signature print for day to day wear, haute couture, etc. but also maintaining African roots combined with Western style. We have created prints with the ability to communicate, with a background and meaning to resonate with our customers’ beliefs, traditions, and desires.

Our clothing are season-less, making our customers love them all year round. Tobams Colors lifts up disadvantaged women out of poverty by nurturing their creative talent in different areas such as modelling, Fashion Labs in Africa where they carefully design and craft each garment. A portion of the proceeds from each piece goes to The Laughing Women Project which supports children and women in in 5 continents: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Australia within countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Philippines, India, South Africa, Australia, Canada and Zimbabwe to be free from poverty, abuse, oppression, and helps them create a brighter future.

Moreover, we are taking Africa and all other Continents with us in every step of the way. The colors we use are vivid. The designs speak for themselves and are communicated on both the front and the back of the fabric. But this isn’t a case of pretty colours woven together, there’s in fact a deeper meaning. Each of our colors represent an important aspect of nature. The colors are an acronym of our name.


Designer Jite Newton


Images Courtesy of ‘Tobams Colors

Interview Notes Courtesy of ‘The Designer

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