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#HUMING #ChineseArtist #FemaleEmpowerment

January 22, 2020

Hu Ming is a world-renowned Chinese artist. She has chosen women in the military as the subject for many of her works. Her women are sexy and powerful at the same time.

Hu Ming was born in China in 1955. Her parents served in the army. She won acclaim for her paintings all through her school years. However, as the Cultural Revolution unfolded (1966–1976), she spent time in the military and found she was only allowed to paint propaganda posters and heroic portraits of Mao Zedong. This caused Hu Ming to change direction. So in 1970 she joined the People’s Liberation Army and was assigned to work in a library. Although warned not to read the books she was cataloguing, she was fascinated with Michelangeloand ultimately was severely reprimanded for reading his books. Her time spent in the military is the explanation of her interest in the subject for her paintings.

Hu Ming is a pioneer in her field being diverse in combining both modern and classical styles. There is a blend of exotic, strange, humorous and above all mysterious in her art. She merges a conscious sense of post-modernism and element of sub-culturalism.

The females depicted by Hu Ming are all sturdy and beautiful Chinese women. What she wants to bring out are the new generation of Chinese women who are brave, sexy and being on par with men like Super Women.

Let’s take a look at her artworks.







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