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November 29, 2019

Fashion has been an area we constantly concentrate on and work to make an impact. As creative entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that this journey can be exciting, frustrating, and hard. It can be lonely. You get the highest highs and the lowest lows, sometimes both before breakfast. But if you are on a journey with friends and people with genuine support, and if you are creating something uniquely yours, every moment of that journey is worthwhile.

As always, we give our genuine support to artists and fashion designers. Today, we are honoured to interview the designers of Edward Mongzar–A UK based hand-marbling womenswear brand.

Each piece possesses serene luxury, encompassing the belief of unfading elegance, effortlessly. Edward prides himself upon creating pieces that are gentle, ethereal and poised, using marbling as the medium to translate his vision.

Marbling represents Edward’s core beliefs as a designer. The gentle swirls of the marbling, juxtaposed with the unpredictability of the dye, represent his belief that womenswear should be soft and gentle, as well as freeing and liberating. He views the marbling process as a representation of the ideal ‘live and let live’, with the water and dye acting independently but coming together to create something beautiful. Edward Mongzar has successfully brought the mediums of marbling and luxury fashion to life, combining the two to create unique and individual pieces. Edward hand marbles each piece of fabric for his collections himself, so each garment he makes has a personal touch.


1. When did you start your fashion label? Where is it based? Where are your products manufactured?

‘I started the Edward Mongzar the label in 2016. Edward Mongzar is based in the U.K. and we currently manufacture in both the U.K. and India! I’m really proud to be able to support manufacturers here in the U.K. but I am equally as happy to be supporting manufacturing in India as it’s my home country and it’s exciting to be a part of the change to ethical manufacturing there too!’

2. Where do you get the inspirations from for your designs?

‘For me nature is a huge inspiration, I get a lot of inspiration on long walks and during my travels. I am also really inspired by the phrase ‘live and let live’ which is what inspires me so much about hand marble dyeing. You can never completely control the way the colours swirls across the water and this lines up perfectly with my belief that clothing that I create should be freeing for the women who wear them.

I am also really inspired by classic silhouettes and really like to stick to them whilst designing for a timeless look.’

3. How do you find your designer/entrepreneur life in the fashion industry?

‘Actually I can’t imagine doing anything better, I feel blessed every day to get the standard of education my parents were able to give me and that I am able to do what I love every single day.

Of course there are challenges, especially in fashion, it’s a crazy industry where everything can and does go wrong but somehow we creatives always manage to thrive under pressure and work everything out in the end!

The people in the industry also make it worthwhile, owners of other labels, boutique owners, customers and everyone in between are so lovely and it really feels like a supportive industry most of the time so I’m really grateful to be a part of that too.’

4. What is the biggest challenge you have found on this journey?

‘Being an independent label and having big limits on what we can do in terms of keeping up with the pace of the industry and always being pushed into trying to match big brands in terms of that. It’s really hard as a creative person to be constrained in what we can do due to not having huge budgets, a big workforce or access to certain things that much bigger brands have.’

5. Any advice you would like to give to prospective designers who want to start their own business?

‘Of course, for me I would say it really important to get a degree or at the very least a foundation course in fashion design because it teaches you so many useful skills and it really does give you a well rounded view of what being a designer entails.

I would also say that in this day and age business classes are probably also a must and are something I wish I had done before launching the business.

It’s also great to make sure you are well connected and before you even launch you should try to get connected by attending panel talks, discussion groups and socials such as those set up by UKFT Rise as having the right connections can make things 100 times easier. You can sometimes get really lucky and achieve something through a connection that you didn’t think was possible yet. Networking is a must!’

Here are the designers behind the brand Edward Mongzar: Josh Tuck (left) and Edward Mongzar (right).



Images Courtesy of ‘Edward Mongzar

Interview Notes Courtesy of ‘The Designer


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