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August 29, 2019

It’s the end of August and London Fashion Week is coming! We thought we would take this chance to look at some fantastic fashion designers.

Today we would like to introduce an incredible multicultural artist and designer based in London and Zurich–Leto Lama. Leto Lama grew up in an environment surrounded by art, paintings and poetry. A strong artistic family, coupled with her Asian origins as her father is from Tibet, China has provided her with a unique style inspired by both Western and Eastern influence. She has a great number of amazing paintings created by herself and exhibited in various art galleries in London, Zurich and Greece.

This is Leto Lama:


Her creative artworks:





Meanwhile, she is also a jewellery designer and has a luxury accessories and jewellery brand Cyclades which is inspired by Greek myth, history and nature. Here we showcase some of her amazing creations.

They are beautiful, aren’t they? You can read more about their brand stories and shop on their website! London Fashion Week is upon us so we are keen to see these designers’ great shows, catwalks and performances.


Courtesy of ‘The Designer


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