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Bollywood Fever 2018 presents #Sholay #Pictures

March 26, 2018


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On Saturday March 17th and Sunday March 18th 2018, Cellar Door presented the third annual instalment of Bollywood Fever at The ICC, Birmingham.

Having secured the screening rights to Sholay in 3D, Cellar Door delivered the largest indoor 3D screening of a Bollywood movie EVER to take place in the UK where over 1,800 gathered to take in the immersive nature of Bollywood Fever. It was also the largest indoor 3D screening of any movie since Titanic 3D screened at the Royal Albert Hall in 2012.


A custom-made screen manufactured by Harkness, was erected at The ICC Birmingham to present Sholay, one of India’s most iconic, most loved films, like never before.


Coupled with an integrated cinematic experience for the family, cinemagoers were encouraged to get immersed in the experience and singalong to classics like Yeh Dosti and Mehbooba Mehbooba, dress up as their favourite Bollywood characters and take part in the Bollywood Fan Zone, featuring live music, dance and food.

Bollywood Fever website:

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