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The Lowriders, ‘I Am Soldier’ – EP Review

April 28, 2014

The Lowriders logo white

It must be a real shot in the arm for an independent band to be personally asked to write the music for an upcoming film, but that’s exactly what happened to The Lowriders after their first EP ‘Fury’ got the attention of writer-director Ronnie Thompson.

After establishing their powerful brand of guitar indie-rock with their debut, they were commissioned by the director to come up with the songs to match his hard hitting script about the recruitment of a new SAS soldier and his first mission in the field.

The Lowriders band pic

And come up with the songs they have.

There’s something reassuring about the opening to this EP that lets you know you’re in good hands. A simple guitar line and airy vocals combine to set the scene before the really solid rhythms kicks in for title track and EP opener ‘I Am Soldier’.

From there you have the Kasabian soundalike ‘Big Moustache’ and the slightly more pared back ‘Sound of Guns’, which shows a lighter side to The Lowriders. I could personally live without the final dance remix of the title track, but the rest of this EP more than makes up for it.

‘I Am Soldier’, both the EP and the film, are out now – you can enjoy the title track here:

Written by Harry Dean of Labelled Independent

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