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Ged Wilson – ‘What’s Going On?’ Album Out Now

April 30, 2013

Ged Wilson

Ged Wilson

There’s something automatically appealing about Ged Wilson. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s clearly been playing for a long time and he brings with him the air of a true veteran. Maybe it’s his dedication to the classic roots sounds of blues and jazz. Either way, it makes for compelling listening on his new album ‘What’s Going On’?

With a vocal that barely strays from a low, almost throwaway delivery, and acoustic mixing with almost clean electric guitars to create a full sound, this is a strong offering from Wilson. There may be little here that hasn’t been done before – you rarely expect much innovation from artists who know what they love – but it’s carried off with a relaxed approach that draws the listener in.

Personal highlights are opener ‘Different Class’ and, later, ‘Lies’. The former is a great introduction to Wilsons sound – the 12 bar blues structure, that low register vocal, a guitar solo section (obligatory in this genre). The latter has an organ led opening before a distorted blues guitar kicks in, and a well-constructed, anti-government lyrical approach that makes a point without battering you with it.

Fans of roots will lap this up. And while it’s unlikely to convert non-believers, those open to a touch of jazz might enjoy it too.

Written by Harry Dean of Labelled Independent

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