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How to launch a Pop Up Music gig: by Cellar Door

August 29, 2012

So when Ealing Broadway BID approached Cellar Door to bring some creativity and excitement to West London, we ignored the standard event handbook that many appear to follow, basic rules being:

– If doing a music gig make sure you go big (so the punters feel like a tiny goldfish in big pond).

– Pick only signed / headline artists (therefore giving aspiring talent zero exposure).

– Pick only signed / headline artists and make sure they are on the bill as every other music gig (being different is a big No No in the standard event handbook).

– Show no creativity by using the same formulaic marketing techniques.

– To launch the event ring up your PR / Marketing buddies (who like you have zero ideas and creativity) and ask them to RT your event on twitter so it goes out to their 40,000 purchased twitter followers.

– Use the extensive marketing budget at your disposal to ensure attendees can only attend AFTER they login using Facebook and enter a competition that promises they will be on the ‘guestlist’ for the music gig.

There are other rules but we won’t go on otherwise we may appear bitchy which we are certainly not.

So what did we at Cellar Door do? Well we tapped into our network of on the ball music consultants (essentially young people who still go out, listen to music, are not married with 2.4 children and don’t just listen to tracks from the 1990s), and we asked them who’s hot, who’s not and who would they like us to feature in a series of live performances.

We also didn’t go for a big outdoor festival experience but kept it tiny so those who did come on down were made to feel important who could share the experience with the artist.

Each pop up music performance has been programmed as a busker type gig and starts slap bang in the middle of the day (what’s wrong with a bit of lunchtime entertainment after all).

Oh and how did we launch it… Well, playing loosely on the story of the Pied Piper, classically trained violinist Jade Brightwell began playing nonchalantly in the town centre, traversing her way through the busy square and drawing onlookers to follow her en route.

By the time she reached the busking location a tidy crowd had formed, ready to be entertained by Cellar Door girldem AiNA ROXX.

This was the first in a calendar of pop up music gigs to hit the streets of West London. Next up with have the ridiculously talented Manchester based Gideon Conn but until then catch a few shots of the pictures captured (launch video to be released shortly):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Courtesy of ‘The Thinker

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