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The demise of Choice FM…

April 27, 2011

The below is take from a note posted by the living legend that is Chris Philips (I call him living legend because I grew up listening to him on Kiss FM in the good old days 😉 ):

“A VERY BIG THANK YOU to all of you who have taken time to express your disappointment at the demise of my Choice FM show and the assault on music choice (pardon the pun) on our radios. It’s not just about my show though.

Traditional FM radio is very much on its knees now due to bland corporate-side programming attempting only to gain market share and continues to do itself a dis-service with tired ideas of high rotation tunage for 5 minute listeners. This is the radio equivalent of Prada selling it’s good in Tesco. This is particularly poignant for me as I worked hard during the 80s to get the very best Black music on the radio through pirate stations. Then, the British Government de-regulated the airwaves to give us more choice and for a while it was beautiful with a wave of new radio stations setting out their stalls. As time has gone on those stations mandated and contracted to serve the audiences they set out to serve in ‘Promise Of Performance’ documents have been bought out, several times in some cases, and dragged back to the predictability and limited appeal of their pre-existence. Here in the UK we had a regulatory body, The Radio Authority (latterly OfCom) who were meant to enforce these promises. OfCom appears to have no teeth and has largely fallen prey to increasing pressure from big radio groups who seek ever expanding brands in the market.

Luckily, the digital revolution has left these organisations behind when it comes to interesting and enriching programming space. Right now, support your independent operators like Jazz FM and Colourful Radio, Solar and Starpoint if you love our music. Get online listen to podcasts and invest in DAB digital radios so you can leave behind the bland and indulge in something fulfilling. You’ll find you can still build a relationship with your radio station and radio presenter like we used to and they really need your love. Look after the music it will look after us, for now.

Now how about harnessing YOUR power online and re-posting this note or using the ‘Share’ button on your profile?? Please do, and please add your own personal comments”.

Chris PhilipsCellar Door salutes you.

Courtesy of ‘The Thinker’

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