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Who we’d like to work with – Lissie

July 30, 2010

We all know about Ellie Goulding by now. Since topping the BBC Sound of 2010 poll she went to sign for Polydor Records and the rest as they say is history. However I’ve just been introduced to a cool chick who goes by the name of ‘Lissie’ (nice one Gavin). Normally we’re on the ball but somehow she slipped through the net and went unnoticed by us until now (apologies!!)…

There’s a couple of her tracks that you should check out. The first I’m sure some will summarise as being ‘catchy’ but it’s more than that – her voice effortlessly carries the beat and not the other way round (I could name and shame some artists where the latter holds true but I’ll withhold comment)

Track two she performs a live collabo with the lovely Ellie Goulding titled ‘Everywhere I Go’.

Finally we bring you her fantastic cover of Kid Cudi’s ‘Pursuit of Happiness’. You’ll see we’ve backed this up with Cudi’s version. Now i’m a fan of Cudi but I favouring Lissie’s live version. Her voice perfectly complements the beat. Our only regret is that she isn’t British otherwise we’d have her booked in for our annual charity gig ‘Best of British’ taking place later this year 😦

Lissie – ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ cover

Kid Cudi – original

For more of Lissie check out:

Courtesy of ‘The Thinker’

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